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Talaqqi (TLQ)

$80 per month
(4 sessions)
$10(one-time registration fee)

An advanced Quran program for students to refine their recitation, in accordance to Sanad Riwayat Hafs 'An 'Asim.
The time slots below will be based on Ustaz & Ustazah's availability.
First come first served basis. Your time slot will be confirmed after your pre-entry test.

6 pm - 6.30 pm,
6.30 pm - 7 pm,
7.45 pm - 8.15 pm or,
8.45 pm - 9.15 pm

Pre-Requisites for Talaqqi

1) Already fluent in Al-Quran recitation
2) Knowledge in Tajweed is a must
3) Must pass entry-test (FOC)
4) Certification will be awarded to participant after qualification test by the asatizah

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Intensive Training in Teaching Al-Quran (ITTQAN)

$120 per month

A 9-month comprehensive course to improve and deepen your knowledge in the recitation of Al-Quran and it’s sciences (Ulum Quran)
Suited for individuals applying as Quran Teacher under the Asatizah Recognisation Scheme (ARS)

Pre-Requisites for ITTQAN

1. Must have basic knowledge and fluency in recitation of Al-Quran
2. A pre-Entry Test will be conducted and only qualified applicants will be accepted into the program

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