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Calling all Brothers, DoTA is back for Season 3!!!

Embark on a journey to improve your skills and knowledge to be effective and empathetic leaders of the family. New husbands and new fathers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Now with SEASON PASS for access to all four topics, video recordings, and notes! All programmes will be conducted online!


Purpose of Marriage

Alhamduillah brothers. Nikah is done and dusted. So what is next? Housing? Children? Careers?

Join Ustaz Ahmad Khushairi on a journey to underline the purpose of marriage in Islam in our current period.


Roles and Responsibilities

"You wash plates, I clear dustbin" sometimes that's the extent of our discussion of the roles and responsibilities of a husband and father.

Join Ustaz Fattah Amin to discover a husband and father's vast roles and responsibilities in our modern age.


Communication in the Family

"Why is she upset?" That's the reaction of many husbands and fathers when talking to our spouses.

Brothers, continue the journey with Ustaz Ahmad Khushairi to improve our communication with our family from a psychological and Islamic perspective.


Leadership & Decision Making

Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Yet, when it comes to Islamic leadership we have one example that we can try to copy-paste.

Brothers, follow Ustaz Irwan shah for a comprehensive guide to being an Islamic leader in your family.

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