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Parenting Symposium: Kecik-Kecik Cili Padi

The younger your child, the more resources you need to put in for their development. Join us for 4 videos to discuss topics relating to the importance of parental involvement in children’s education.
Mark your calendar for these topics!
Helicopter Parenting on 26 September 2020

Multiple Intelligence on 3 October 2020
Play Time on 10 October 2020
Islamic Development Milestones on 17 October 2020


Stress In The Family E-Book

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."

Recently, Masjid Darul Ghufran invitied counselling psychologist, Ms Rasimah Jar, to discuss the damaging effects of stress and how it can break our family.

In this webinar, we learned to

1) understand,

2) identify, and

3) manage stress levels for ourselves and our children.

Take control of stress before it wrestle control from you and your family.

Do check out our Stress in the Family E-book, filled with additional readings and research on stress management.

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