Islam an Introduction (conducted in English)

Good news to those who are looking for basic Islamic classes/courses in English!
Darul Ghufran Mosque humbly presents the new class in English

Islam an Introduction
6.30pm – 8.15pm
starting 19 April 2017
by al-fadhil Ustaz Nuzulul Qadar Abdullah.

This class/course is intended to be a window to the profound & beautiful world of Islam. It will expound on the introduction to the fundamental principles and constituents of Islam, its tenets, philosophy, general characteristics, culture, lifestyle and major goals.

In each session, topics such as Tafsir, Hadith, basic Fiqh, Islamic culture & lifestyle, Adhkar (supplications) are going to be discussed thematically.

This course aims to provide the prefatory Islamic knowledge from its credible sources so desperately needed for a Muslim living in this modern world. It also hopes that by giving this platform, Muslims would be safe from ‘the corruption of fanaticism, from the deceptions of the liars and the interpretations of the ignorant’ as mentioned by the beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain and further our Islamic knowledge. May we be blessed by Allah in each passing day inshaAllah Amin.