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Keluarga Islam Sakinah Selamanya

“No Marriage is Perfect”. These words are often mentioned in resignation or in a negative context.

Here at Masjid Darul Ghufran we wish to challenge that. We developed Keluarga Islam Sakinah Selamanya, or KISS, for young couples to develop their imperfect marriage a source of strength and Iman for them.

The course consists two modules Adam dan Hawa and Lukmaanul Hakim. Adam and Hawa focuses on enhancing spousal relationship and introduce practical ways to tap on each other’s strength. Lukmaanul Hakim, on the other hand, involves understanding the different stages of children development and the roles a parent can play to ensure proper physical and mental growth.

Come join us for a fruitful and exciting journey in our imperfect marriage. Register for KISS at