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Talaqqi Al-Quran is an affordable course that is similar to the traditional Quranic recitation services offered during the kampong days of Singapore. Participants will be divided into groups to recite the Al-Quran independently while a qualified asatizah will guide each participant in turns on a one-on-one basis.

Age : 7 yrs old & above

Frequency: Saturday or Sunday
Time: Between 10 am-1 pm
Location: Classroom, Level 4


Enrollment Fee: $30
(1st month fee: $20, $10 registration)
Monthly Fee: $20 only


Registration For Academic Year 2019
Registration started on Monday, 13 August 2018 at 9am and it is FULL.


Please Take Note:
Once registration is full, please call us at 6786 5545 during office hours(closed during Zuhur & A’sar prayers) if you would like to be on the waiting list.
Please take note that the Waiting List is NOT a confirmation of enrolment.
Parents will only be contacted if there are any cases of withdrawal.


What to bring along for registration?
Please bring along:
- a photocopy of birth certificate/IC (front & back)
- completed registration form to our general office during office hours(closed during solat Zuhur & A’sar)
- Enrollment Fee. Payment can be done in cash, NETS or crossed cheque to “Darul Ghufran Mosque”